REAL BAD XXVII has many treasured traditions as well as new, exciting changes in store for you. The REAL BAD experience includes a production covering many elements brought together to create an unforgettable night. We have a HUGE new experience designed specially for this year, in the Main Room. We’re not going to give you any details, it’s a surprise…
On to the other details of the party:
  • Specially produced REAL BAD style fruit and snack tables
  • Booths to sit, relax and enjoy the music with friends, old and new
  • Bathrooms stocked with hand sanitizer and Listerine
  • Access to outdoor smoking area


We have a truly VIP REAL BAD experience for those with a VIP ticket:
  • VIP-only room with dance-floor, upstairs in the same location as last year
  • VIP-only club entrance on Harriet Street
  • Complimentary VIP Coat Check with wristband provided at entry. VIP Coat Check is located above the Red Light Room.
  • Drink Tickets: Every Host and VIP will receive 3 free drink tickets  attached to their VIP wristband. Tickets can be used at ANY bar in the club for water and other non-alcoholic beverages (except Red Bull and Gatorade). Keep hydrated!
  • Complimentary in and out privileges for VIP ticket holders until midnight with wristband provided at entry. No re-entry after midnight.
  • Enhanced lighting in the VIP room, with lights run by Kevin Quintero
  • Special VIP fruit and snack tables
  • Sexy VIP “Water Boys” offering refreshing mists of cool water and cold water towelettes
  • Booths to sit, relax and enjoy the music with friends, old and new
  • VIP-only bathrooms with ample stalls and stocked with hand sanitizer and Listerine
  • Major new production experience
  • Lighting by Robert Sanders
  • Lasers by RAGErLAZER
  • Visuals by 3
  • Nitro-blasts to chill down the room
  • Special peak moments throughout the night
  • Flagging Stage from 7 to 10 PM
  • 5 new bathrooms on two levels!
  • New for REAL BAD XXVII: Relocated massage area available to all guests
  • Sexy, atmospheric club space for lounging and socializing
  • Visuals by 3
  • Viewing bridge with a full view of stage and dance area
  • General Admission Coat Check
  • Alternative DJ with a different musical vibe to give you another dance experience
  • Booths to sit, relax and enjoy the music with friends, old and new


Anyone in a red REAL BAD Event Staff sleeveless shirt is a friend, and is here to help. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need assistance in any way.

Event Staff have access to on-site EMTs should you, a friend, or any guest require care or attention at any time.


When and where is REAL BAD?

The party is from 7 PM to 4 AM on Sunday, September 27th, at 1015 Folsom Street, between 6th and Harriet. The nearest MUNI is not close enough when you’ve been pounding the streets in your leather all day, so plan on catching a cab when you want to arrive.

What kind of party is this?

REAL BAD is a dance party first and foremost, which means that the majority of our guests take up residence on the main dance floor and stay there for the duration of the night. Because REAL BAD always sells out, you can expect that the main dance floor will always be packed, and that both the men and the temperature will be hot.

While we do our best to control crowding and heat, a throbbing sweaty mass moving as one to a driving beat is our signature. You can always take a break on the viewing bridge above the main dance floor, or relax in one of several booths in the downstairs Underground.   Upstairs in the Red Light Room massage therapists are available to rub out your aches and pains from whatever Folsom beatings you’ve endured.

What’s all this talk about “be bad…do good”?

Not your average circuit party, REAL BAD is a force for good in the community, raising nearly $2.2 million for worthy beneficiaries in the party’s 25-year history.  While you’re busy being as bad as you can be for nine hours, the price of your ticket is supporting organizations that create impact in the areas of civil rights, community development, social services, HIV/AIDS and other health-related issues. And REAL BAD is completely volunteer-produced. The costs of producing the event are underwritten entirely by the party’s Hosts, a circle of friends that enables 100% of general admission ticket proceeds to be donated to charity.

What’s so bad about REAL BAD?

Historically a highlight of the Folsom Street Fair, REAL BAD is a sex-positive party where you are encouraged to flaunt your fetishes and cruise for kink. While not a sex party, frisky behavior is encouraged, as is dressing the part. Leather gear isn’t mandatory, but it is standard among our guests, and we welcome rubber, uniforms, sports attire and anything else your nasty creativity inspires.

What do you mean by the phrase ‘circle of friends’?  

Our Circle of Friends is the core group of men and women who produce the party, their immediate friends, who are the Hosts who fund it by selling you your tickets – and all the rest of you hot and horny guests who turn out each year for REAL BAD.  

What’s security like at REAL BAD?  

We’ve worked very hard to establish and maintain a very good working relationship with the security team at 1015 that helps us to look out for your safety. To date, the police have never had to intervene at one of our parties, and that’s because we respect the rules that apply to all clubs in San Francisco. 

As with all REAL BAD parties, there will be clearly visible security personnel at the door. That being said, the success of our party is due largely to how great you all are as guests. We set out to create a party where, while having the time of your life, you take good care of yourself, and you look out for your friends and for others partying with or near you as well. We recommend that you never leave a friend in trouble, and that you try to avoid ruining your friends’ night by getting into trouble yourself. No-one wants “that” tweeted picture making the rounds the next day!

If we all continue to keep personal responsibility in mind, REAL BAD will be a safe but dirty time, and the police will carry on fighting crime elsewhere. 

How do I get there?  

By taxi: A comfortable way to ride after you’ve gone home to freshen up following the Folsom Street Fair. Everyone has their favorite company, but De Soto (415.970.1305), Luxor (415.282.4141) and Yellow (415.333.3333) are popular locally.

By private car: Please, leave your car at home. There is limited parking around 1015 Folsom, and even though it’s a nine-hour party, you should manage to carry all the gear you might want to change into later in one small bag. Traveling light makes it easier to play!

How do I get home? 

By taxi: Some taxis will cruise the area, but make sure you get into a licensed one. We usually tip 15% here. Please don’t drive. How can you massage the…neck of the guy you just picked up at the party if you have both hands on your steering wheel?

Do General Admission guests need to print a physical ticket?

If guests ordered their ticket through Eventbrite, they have the option of printing their ticket with a barcode or using the Eventbrite app to display the ticket with a QR code on their phone to be scanned at the door.

Will tickets be sold at the door?

Yes, starting at 6 pm on Sunday (one hour before the party starts), a limited number of general admission tickets will be sold at the box office for $110 each.

Will there be pat-down searches? 

Yes. Consent to pat-down and bag search is a condition of entry. By being ready for the pat-down, you’ll be doing your part to help streamline your REAL BAD guests’ entry as well as your own.

Can I take my own drink bottle to REAL BAD?  

No. As a condition of entry, all liquids and liquid containers must be disposed of prior to entry.

Will food and alcoholic beverages be available to purchase? 

Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase until last call at 2 AM. Throughout the night, REAL BAD provides free fresh fruit and sweet treats on snack tables in various locations throughout the club.

Will my phone work in 1015 night club?

While we can’t speak for each provider we encourage you to consider packing it in a Ziploc bag if you tend to sweat a lot.  Also, every year many lost phones are found abandoned on the dance floor at the end of the party.  Take extra care that yours isn’t one of them!

Will there be a coat-check? 

Yes. The $3 coat check will be downstairs for General Admission guests. Free coat check is available upstairs for VIPs wearing a VIP wrist band.

Is there a lost and found?

Anything handed to an event staff member will be brought to the General Admission coat check downstairs in the club, where you can claim it. Be patient if you can’t get through to the coat check area quickly.

Can I bring my camera with me? 

Absolutely! Unlike some major dance parties, we absolutely welcome you to take as many photos and videos as you like. Tweet or post them to our Facebook page after the party is over (but use common sense: Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want posted if it was you – and please follow Facebook rules). Are you a fan of us on Facebook or YouTube yet? 

Are there ATM facilities inside 1015? 

Yes. The nearest is directly on your left as you enter the club. There is an additional one to the right of the bar on the main dance floor. 

Who are the DJs playing at REAL BAD?  

Our main DJ, Jesus Pelayo, will keep you smiling for the first few hours, providing uplifting tea dance tracks as you find those men you thought you’d lost at the fair. The journey turns darker and sexier as we drive toward midnight, and then a couple of hours before we close he’ll transition to a melodic and uplifting morning sound to ease you back to reality, again with a smile.

Our fantastic Underground DJ, Brian Maier, starts at 7 PM downstairs. The Underground is a good bet for those seeking an alternative sound, more intimate dance setting, or simply a booth to relax in with friends old and new. Brian will lead you on a skillfully woven journey through various sub-genres of sexy progressive music to a euphoric ending.

What time does REAL BAD end?  

We finish at 4am. 

 Are there any age restrictions? 

Yes, REAL BAD is for adults, 21 years and over, with a valid photo ID.

Is 1015 wheelchair-accessible?

The first dance floor is, so if you use a wheelchair, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to make sure you get easy access.

What can I do to make the most of REAL BAD? 

Be Prepared: Get some rest, hydrate, eat and get ready for some hot, sweaty action… 

Buddy Up: Arrange to check in with friends throughout the night and after the party. 

Get Help: If something goes wrong, seek assistance from the REAL BAD event staff immediately.  We’re wearing the sexy red sleeveless tees with REAL BAD XXVII on the front and EVENT STAFF on the back, and we are here to help, not to judge.

Have FUN: We’re all there to have a good time and be bad…but bad attitudes are never sexy.

REAL BAD is for you….all of you! Jump in, enjoy the looks you’re getting from those hot guys over there, dance like no one is looking, kiss like you’ve never been loved before, make sure you leave with some phone numbers (and your shirt…unless you want the morning air to make your nipples hard again). 


And remember…we want you back, so let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook. Constructive feedback is definitely welcome.

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