Since 1989, REAL BAD has been bringing new and unique sounds to the San Francisco dance floor, year after year. We strive to craft a beautiful musical journey for our guests each year, offering a 3 part experience, starting with a joyous t-dance, moving into sexy, late night beats, and culminating in refreshing morning music. This special journey is our unique sound, and each year we bring in a DJ new to the San Francisco scene to give you their local take on that unique journey.

Ale Maes Chicago, IL

REAL BAD 31, Main Room

Self-taught, he learned his first steps in music in a small studio. In 2014 he moved from São Paulo, Brazil to Chicago.
For his debut, he performed at the ManHole Club and hasn’t stopped since!
Always in great harmony with the dance floor, Ale presents his style “SexXxy Beats” full of hot vocals, strong bass lines, driving and intensive high-energy sets.

DJ Fawks San Francisco, CA

REAL BAD 31, Underground

Dedicated to cultivating an open and inclusive space through the collective he co-founded (Fog City Pack). He’s created a platform for himself and other queer electronic music artist to break free of the mainstream dance floor sounds.

Playing a diverse array of sounds from Future House and Deep Tech to good ole fashioned Techno. Fawks is taking dance floors by storm with his immaculate curations and highly stylized sound.

DJ Charly Madrid, Spain

REAL BAD XXX & Ritual 2019

DJ Charly has played both REAL BAD XXX and RITUAL 2019
Listen to Charly’s REAL BAD XXX set on Soundcloud!

Scott Shepard San Francisco, CA


San Francisco’s own Scott Shepard was the Underground DJ from REAL BAD XXIX!

Juanma Escudero Barcelona, Spain


Juanma Escudero is an artist born in Argentina and living in Barcelona since 2007. His innate talent and ability for music, gathered to his perseverance and dedication, brings his career to a rapidly development, making him a “must be” at big national and international events. He graced us all on the dancefloor for REAL BAD XXIX, and returns for the debut of the RITUAL after hours in 2018!

Salazar San Francisco, CA

REAL BAD XXVIII, Underground

The Underground will offer an alternative dance floor with music by San Francisco’s own DJ Salazar. Born in Colombia, and a recent transplant from Miami, Florida, DJ Salazar brings a lustful, animalistic twist to his music, which speak to his audience’s libido. He brings this seductive sound to regular San Francisco residencies at Powerhouse, the Eagle, the Lookout as well as the infamous Hellbound party. He has recently brought his skills to a larger audience with appearances at Force and the local edition of the New York-based Brüt party. Wherever he goes, Salazar seeks to keep his crowd dancing.

Xavier Alvarado Mexico City, Mexico


This year’s Main Dance Floor DJ for REAL BAD XXVIII as Xavier Alvarado from Mexico City. His passion for electronic music began at a young age. Largely self taught, his first professional opportunity was in Puebla, Mexico in 2009. The following year he moved to Mexico City where he was exposed to a larger audience in the city’s major clubs. This exposure landed him a residency with Maninfest, Mexico’s premier leather event, where he helped develop their trademark, masculine, energetic musical style. In 2013 he debuted in Paris and Madrid during their largest gathering of the bear community where he worked with the Madrid-based fetish party Into the Tank, returning to Europe in 2015 to his new found fans. His sets create a journey from classics to the current tracks mixing a wide range of house, tech house, techno, tribal and progressive, assembled with and elegant technique resulting on a powerful, sexy style. He adds a personal touch with his own remixes creating a unique musical experience at each party he spins.

Check out Xavier on Facebook & Soundcloud!

Jesus Pelayo Madrid, Spain

Real Bad XXVII, Main Room

Jesus defines himself more as a musician than a DJ, although he has been DJing for friends in small and medium size parties for as long as he can remember. His experience spinning for large crowds has been enriched playing every year since 2011 on a float during Madrid Gay Pride parade, an event attended by hundreds of thousands of visitors. Most relevant club gigs outside Spain include DJing for PAPA Party in NYC. He maintains no residences so that each gig is prepared meticulously. The outcome: custom-made sets and an excited audience.

Check out Jesus on Facebook, and listen to his podcasts on Mixcloud!

Brian Maier San Francisco, CA

Real Bad XXVII, Underground

Brian Maier, San Francisco’s own, will offer an alternative dance floor with music in the Underground. The soundscapes Brian creates typically blend old-style disco with present-day techno, and of course present some modern day vocals to get audiences engaged and enthralled. A mixture of instantly recognizable beats and melodies is often amplified by mixes and cuts which are re-crafted.

Check out some of Brian’s tracks on Soundcloud!

Fabio Campos Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Real Bad XXVI, Main Room

Fabio Campos was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In 2005 he started DJing at friends parties where many people started to spread the word saying they loved his tribal a progressive house beats. Fabio always looked up to such DJ’s as Tony Moran, Paulo, Rosabel, Alexander, Peter Rauhofer, Mike Cruz, Pacheco, Renato Cecin, Mauro Mozart, Edu Quintas, Enrry Senna, as well as others but wanted to create his own identity. Today, Fabio Campos is Josefine Club resident DJ and has been playing all over Brazil. In every place Fabio plays he leaves a positive vibe & leaves everyone asking for more.

Check out Fabio on Facebook, and listen to some of his tracks on Soundcloud.

Corey Craig New York, NY

Real Bad XXVI, Underground

NYC DJ / Producer Corey Craig brought his signature mix of Progressive | Disco | Deep and Tech House to REAL BAD. His impulsive sets are a hybrid of futuristic soulful house with updated remixed classics. Corey’s 2009 closing set for NYC’s Dance On The Pier launched his brand into exclusive sets for Fire Island (Pines, Ascension, Sip N Twirl), Aspen Gay Ski Week, Dallas Purple Party, Desert Tea (PS), Sandblast Asbury Park, Gay Wine Weekend and Atlanta Pride at the Aquarium.

American residencies include Communion (SF) Furball (NYC / Ptown) and Rich’s (SD). His global fan base spans from South Africa to Australia and includes sets for Daywash, Honey and Bear Essentials events during Sydney Mardi Gras. The wildly popular “Coreyography” podcast series has also led to co-branding live events with Scruff and Nasty Pig.

Check out Corey on Facebook, and listen to some of his tracks on Mixcloud.

Luiggi Madrid, Spain

Real Bad XXV, Main Room

Born in Barcelona, his first experiences with music started around 1995, is when his hobby becomes a passion. In 2006 he made his first public performance. In the successive years he performed much gigs in different clubs of Spain. In 2008 he made the leap to Milan with an important circuit party in the north of Italy, where he became a consolidated International Disc jockey. In 2009 he starts fortnightly deejay residence in Rome during two consecutive seasons (2009-11), performing important events like New Year´s eve and many more special events. After the earlier success, in 2010 he is required in the best clubs and events in Europe obtaining the DJ residence in several clubs of the Spanish capital, besides his international gigs.

During last years Dj Luiggi has been consolidated as international referent deejay, he has visited multitude clubs all over the world. United Kingdom, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, UAE (Dubai), USA and Brazil.

Check out Luiggi on Facebook, and listen to some of his tracks on Podomatic.

Craig Gaibler Dallas, TX

Real Bad XXV, Underground

Craig Gaibler has been passionate about music his entire life. From early childhood, he was classically trained in piano, and spent his young adult life exploring various musical styles. Early in college, in the murky warehouse raves of Seattle, he discovered the electronic music scene, developing his appreciation for all things house. After coming out of the closet and meeting local DJs, Craig began hanging out in clubs, eager to learn the craft of mixing. Craig’s passion and history with music motivated him to teach himself digital mixing, and he began putting together mixes for his friends as “Billy the Kid”.

In September of 2008, after moving to San Francisco and feeling inspired by the local scene and the encouragement of his friends, Craig began to pursue his dream of becoming a DJ.

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Edu Quintas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Real Bad XXIV, Main Room

Check out Edu on Facebook, and listen to some of his tracks on Soundcloud.

Kam Shafaati Melbourne, Australia

Real Bad XXIV, Underground

Australia’s Kam Shafaati is one of the most popular and iconic international gay DJs. His infectious and influential sounds have scored him headline performances at major dance events and tours across the world, including Mardi Gras, Burning Man, Folsom Street Fair, REAL BAD, Tropical Fruits, Inquisition, Bearracuda, Midsumma Carnival, Extra Dirty, Bear Pride, BearNation, Beyond, Trough X, White Wolf, FUR and Honey. He also owns THICK ‘N’ JUICY Productions and regularly hosts his own sell-out dance parties. Cementing his position as one of the leading artists within deep and uplifting electronic dance music, Kam’s podcast show ‘DJ Kam Shafaati presents Liquid Logic Adventures’ now airs on radio stations across the globe and one of the most popular podcasts in the world with over 100,000 listeners a month. “Music is liquid, music is logic. Let it inspire you!”

Check out Kam on Facebook, and listen to some of his tracks on Podomatic.

Bryan Reyes Miami, Florida

Real Bad XXIII, Main Room

Started doing High School parties in lat 80’s when the movement of the Freestyle Music was huge, house Music was also a big influence and the European New Wave sound, after moving down to Miami after High School, was when Bryan Reyes discovered the sound of Tribal House… That’s when a new aspiration to Dance music was taken and forged a new direction in Bryan’s DJ career.

In 2000 While living in Orlando, and the Club Scene was at it’s peak with The Club Firestone and the Empire Club, Bryan decided to introduce his own private party “THE WAREHOUSE”, to which was written about in the top club magazines… After that Bryan decided to move to Ft. Lauderdale to where he then became resident DJ at the Club Boom (Now Club Hunters) in the Wilton Manors area, after 8 yrs and polishing his DJ’s skills and with new remix productions, Bryan Reyes has been touring across the country, including international Events, Pool Party at Rio in Brazil, Fortalleza, Brasilia, Mexico.

Bryan has become well known for his mixes and remixes, which combine style elements of House from old school to big room as well as Circuit and Tribal. Recent official mixes include “Does your mama know” By Pepper Mashay & DJ Corey D “I Give In” by DJ/Producer Tony Moran as well as an unofficial remix of “Stranger In My House” by Tamia to be release coming soon.

Check out Bryan on Facebook, and listen to some of his tracks on Podomatic.

Steve Sherwood San Francisco, California

Real Bad XXIII, Underground

Steve Sherwood first began listening to electronic music in the late 90’s when his younger sister unknowingly left a cassette tape with a live set by Carl Cox on the floor of his car. He quickly fell for the harder side of dance music and became a regular at underground raves held in the Arizona desert. In the summer of 2000, he moved to San Francisco and was transformed by a diverse local dance scene which included parties like Universe, Pleasuredome, Mass, Fag Fridays, and Trannyshack. After a year of immersing himself in San Francisco’s vibrant nightlife Sherwood bought a pair of Technics turntables off of Craigslist and began crafting a unique sound that is rooted in progressive, tech, and tribal house with occasional forays into techno and trance.

Sherwood is quickly becoming a regular fixture on the circuit scene with an international residency for the traveling party Bearracuda as well as making appearances at local San Francisco parties including Industry, Underworld, Stallion Saturdays, Flagging in the Park, and Bears in the Dark. In 2011 he was tapped to play what has since become a legendary 9 hour underground set at REAL BAD XXIII during Folsom Street Fair weekend. This set was a major turning point for Sherwood, winning praise from his peers as well as several of his musical influences that happened to grace the dance floor that evening. Then in early 2012 he demonstrated mastery of a more upbeat, vocal sound with a 7 hour set at PLAY T-Dance while also appearing at San Francisco Pride, Up Your Alley Street Fair, and Lazy Bear Weekend. Steve has toured all over the United States and appeared internationally at events in London, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland.

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Sean Mac Atlanta, Georgia

Real Bad XXII, Main Room

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Peter Canellis Chicago, Illinois

Real Bad XXII, Underground

Under the moniker “DJ St. Peter”, Canellis was an ever-present and influential club force on the New York and Miami club scene in the 90’s and early 2000′s. He spun at the leading bars and clubs such as Liquid, Warsaw, Twist, Shadow Lounge, Tunnel, LimeLight, Palladium, Glam Slam, Salvation, Crobar, Score, Bed, Amnesia, Winter Party Pool Party 1st annual, New Orleans Halloween Moondance 1999, Champs Tea Dance, Tom of Finland Parties, Tantra Lounge, Snowball…..

In 2002 Canellis resigned from the music scene due to personal reasons. Nine years later, after years of soul searching, Canellis has returned to the decks, capturing the essence of his music, engulfing his listeners and delivering multi-layered aural, euphoric, energetic, sexy, magical, hypnotic, trippy, and introspective sojourns

Check out Peter on Facebook.

Jerry Bonham USA

REAL BAD XV, Main Room

Jerry Bonham has a DJ career that spans 43 years, With his start in Minneapolis at THE SALOON to a residency at the ICE PALACE on Fire Island and in NYC in 1979, his roots firmly are grounded in Disco. Jerry has played in most of the major clubs in San Francisco and held residencies at DREAMLAND, PLEASUREDOME, COLOSSUS and SPUNDAE. Globally, Jerry has traveled extensively, playing to crowds in Ibiza, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, London and Peru to name a few. He has productions released on respected labels such as Bedrock, SAW, Vapour and Looq. Jerry has a long pedigree that goes way back to 1976 and his love for music shines through not only in his fantastic sets of authentic Trocadero Disco but also in his contemporary sets, which always have a melodic soulful quality to them. His set for Real Bad incorporates House, Progressive House and Disco, with a dark sexy vibe.
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