Since 1989, REAL BAD has been bringing new and unique sounds to the San Francisco dance floor, year after year. We strive to craft a beautiful musical journey for our guests each year, offering a 3 part experience, starting with a joyous t-dance, moving into sexy, late night beats, and culminating in refreshing morning music. This special journey is our unique sound, and each year we bring in a DJ new to the San Francisco scene to give you their local take on that unique journey.

JUANMA ESCUDERO Barcelona, Spain


Juanma Escudero is an artist born in Argentina and living in Barcelona since 2007. His innate talent and ability for music, gathered to his perseverance and dedication, brings his career to a rapidly development, making him a “must be” at big national and international events. He graced us all on the dancefloor for REAL BAD XXIX, and returns for the debut of the RITUAL after hours in 2018!